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This exercise is designed to deepen understanding of the ethical considerations within the coaching profession, particularly in alignment with the International Coaching Federation (ICF) Code of Ethics. Through the exploration of hypothetical scenarios, participants will examine various situations where coaching practices might deviate from these ethical standards. The aim is to cultivate an awareness of the nuanced ethical dilemmas coaches may encounter in their professional practice and to reinforce the importance of adhering to established ethical guidelines to ensure integrity, professionalism, and positive societal impact.


Materials Needed:

  • Access to the ICF Code of Ethics document
  • Access to the ICF Code of Ethics video series


  • + Review the ICF Code of Ethics document thoroughly to familiarize yourself with the standards and principles outlined.
  • + Watch the ICF Code of Ethics video series, paying close attention to the explanations and examples provided for each ethical standard.
  • + Read each hypothetical scenario provided in the exercise carefully. These scenarios are designed to represent potential ethical dilemmas or breaches of the ICF Code of Ethics.
  • + For each scenario, identify which specific Code of Ethics (COE) is being breached. Note that while some scenarios may seem to overlap with multiple codes, focus on the primary ethical principle being violated.
  • + Write a detailed explanation for each identified breach, articulating why the behavior or situation presented in the scenario constitutes a violation of the specific COE. Reference the key elements of the code and the underlying ethical principles it seeks to uphold.
  • + Reflect on how the breach could be addressed or rectified in a real-world context. Consider the actions that the coach could take to realign with ethical standards, though this part is more about understanding the ethical implications rather than solving the issue presented in the scenario.
  • + Be prepared to discuss your analyses and reflections with peers or a facilitator. Share your understanding of the ethical breaches and explore different perspectives on how ethical dilemmas might be navigated in professional coaching practice.

Please note: Some functions of this simulation may indicate that your answer is incorrect. We ask for your understanding and to disregard that. The only indication that your answer is correct or incorrect is the explanation provided after every question.

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