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Explore the depths of Healing and Mind Development through the Altered States of Consciousness integrating Psychedelic Intervention with Evolving Temple. To put it in simple terms, there are extremely powerful plant medicines that act as catalysts of healing and mind development when combined with developmental neuroscience.

The unimaginable powers of Psychedelic plant medicine are literally kept away from you by stigma, greed, and control. And now, finally, we have the opportunity to benefit from them in a clinical setting.

If you have an inclination to the innate power of healing within you and the limitless power of your soul. And you inherently know that it is possible to master and balance all forms of abundance, including emotional bliss?

Then I invite you to co-create with me in my journey with a series of complimentary storytelling sessions – Fire Circles.

Learn more about Evolving Temple here.

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