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  1. The content of this practice test is highly confidential and should not be shared with any other third-party entity without written permission from Ignite Global. This includes copy-pasting and sharing screenshots of the content within this test.
  2. The cost of this practice test only covers the current version. In the event that we release a new and updated version, it will be treated as a new product.
  3. No refunds will be issued once the registration and payment transaction is completed.
  4. Users enrolled in this practice test are prohibited from sharing their login credentials with others.
  5. All stakeholders of this practice test, including the enrolled user, abide by the ICF Ethical Guidelines.
  6. You are advised to use a large screen when doing this simulation. (ex. Laptop/Desktop/Tablet)
  7. Following the actual ICF Credentialing Exam system, your results indicating the correct and the wrong answers will be displayed. Please note, there are no explanations provided as this is only a simulation.
  8. All the questions and the answers are created as accurately as possible in reference to the actual ICF Credentialing Exam. At the same time, the answers are also based on the alignment of ICF competency and the ICF Code of Ethics.
  9. The complexity, subject-matter expertise, and length of the questions and answers, are intended to simulate the ICF Credentialing Exam structure. Additionally, please note that as an ICF-accredited coach education provider, we have adopted an adult-centric approach to developing this practice test and embodying the coaching mindset. We have engaged an approach to make the questions slightly more challenging in providing you with the opportunity to have in-depth preparation so that when you take the ICF Credentialing Exam, you may have a constructive experience taking the exam.
  10. Due to the necessity of selecting the best and worst answers in the actual ICF Credentialing Exam, it should be noted that there is ambiguity in the multiple-choice format of the exam. In our practice test, we intend to create a simulated environment that closely mirrors the actual exam. Consequently, the choices for the best and the worst-case answers are intentionally crafted to replicate a similar level of ambiguity that the ICF Credentialing Exam presents.
  11. Please be aware that this ambiguity may lead to differences in understanding of the content based on one’s perception and understanding of the ICF Competencies and ICF Code of Ethics in selecting the best and worst-case answers.
  12. Please note that each question and all the answers, including the best and worst answers, have been provided with utmost care and a thorough careful process. We have confirmed that these answers represent the standard responses that can be considered valid in each scenario. If you are unable to recognize the best or worst answers, it indicates the necessity for you to expand your professional understanding of competency or ethical guidelines from a practical perspective which requires deliberate professional development. Since this is a simulation of the ICF Credentialing Exam, we’ll adhere to the same practice as ICF by not offering clarifications about correct or incorrect answers via email.
  13. As you proceed with this exam, it’s important to note that both the questions and answers may be longer compared to those on the ICF Credentialing Exam. Initially, you might find that completing it within the 3-hour timeframe is challenging. However, we’ve provided unlimited attempts over 30 days specifically for practice purposes. Our aim is to help you refine your skills so that when you eventually sit for the ICF Credentialing Exam, you’ll be better equipped and more efficient in your responses.
  14.  Consequently, should you require explanations or clarifications regarding the questions and answers of this practice test, we recommend you reach out to your ICF coach education provider or your ICF Mentor. Should you wish to seek assistance from the test provider, you are welcome to schedule a consultation call at a fee with one of our ICF MCC coach educators, and experienced mentors, enabling you to enhance your professional development and preparation for your ICF Credentialing exam.
  15. In terms of the technical functionalities of the simulation, please know that you may need to scroll while dragging your chosen answer to be able to drop the answer to your chosen box.
  16. While we make every effort to simulate the ICF Credentialing Exam as closely as possible, the success or failure of this practice test does not determine the success or failure of the ICF Credentialing Exam conducted by the ICF.
  17. Once you register for the ICF Credentialing Exam Mock Test, the test will be available for 30 days and you can take the test as many times as you wish within that time period.
  18. The test is automated, immediately after each attempt, you receive the score as well as the correct answers to each question.
  19. Questions are created by ICF Accredited Ignite Global Coach Training Facilitators.
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