Activity for Session 02

Title of the assessment: Strength-Based Coaching in Child-Adolescent Development: A Professional Insight Assessment Assessment Model: Multiple Choice Questions Number of Questions: 30 Time: 45 Minutes Introduction: Navigating the multifaceted realm of child-adolescent development requires a nuanced understanding and a refined approach. The essence of strength-based coaching is to identify and amplify innate strengths, using them …

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Activity for Session 01

Introduction:  The foundation of a child’s future – from their cognitive abilities to emotional health – is built during their early years. As professional child-adolescent development and parenting coaches, understanding these formative years is paramount in offering strategic guidance to parents and caregivers. This self-paced e-learning activity has been designed to highlight the significance of …

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Additional Video Resources

Comfortable: 50 People 1 Question Doll test – The effects of racism on children (ENG) The new ŠKODA Fabia Attention Test 1

2.4 Understanding the Distinctions Between Coaching and Related Professions

The distinction between ICF coaching and other similar professions lies in the comprehensive framework and unwavering commitment to excellence that the International Coaching Federation (ICF) brings to the practice. Unlike other disciplines, ICF coaching operates within a well-defined set of Core Competencies and a stringent Code of Ethics, which guide coaches to develop a deep …

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2.3 ICF Code of Ethics Video Series

The ICF Code of Ethics stands as a beacon of integrity, guiding coaches worldwide towards a principled and responsible practice. Rooted in the values of respect, integrity, professionalism, and accountability, this code serves as a compass for ethical decision-making in coaching relationships. With a commitment to honoring clients’ autonomy, maintaining strict confidentiality, and upholding the …

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